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We've done it again!

For the twenty-fourth time, we kept calm and swapped on; the new venue was smaller than the previous one - and you brought us more gear!

This year, the cosy and classy Argonaut Rowing Club set the Swap against the beautiful background of Lake Ontario.

The main area with the private gear and the stores was as busy and ever, and the separated lobby made it more convenient for the participating organizations. The presentations particularly benefited from the comfy and quieter atmosphere, encouraging the visitors to engage.

We wish to thank all the participants for making the event a success - private sellers, stores, organizations. Special thank you goes to our sponsors - All Star Liveaboards, Ocean Divers and Emocean Sports.

We were particularly grateful to our presenters - one would be hard pressed to match the line-up we had on Saturday!

And last but not the least - this wouldn't have happened without our volunteers and, of course, all of you who came this year! Thank you and hope to see you again...

Welcome to the Henley Room!

While we've been quiet for a while, it does not mean that we've not been busy. Today's site update gives you a preview of the activities lined up for this year.

Once again, you will be able to see lots of used gear, in one place, at the same time, competitively priced - and our friendly gear experts will be around to assist you if needed; meanwhile, have a look at our buying tips. Dive stores will also be present - check the list of participants. This time the competition is stiffer - we do not have as much space as we had in previous years.

We know that you do not come to the Swap because of the gear only. Meeting with other Scuba divers and seeing interesting presentations from the top experts is an important part, too - and the new venue supports these activities very well.

Speaking of which - this year's Swap will be hosted at the Argonaut Rowing Club's Henley Room. It is located right at the shore of Lake Ontario, with a magnificent view (see the pic below).

And while this picture looks quite similar to the one we posted back in January - it is interactive. You can walk around and explore - so when you come to the Swap, you already know your way around! See you then!

Mark the date - April 22 and 23, 2016. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

If you were disappointed not to see the familiar Blackbeard's logo in the sponsor section - worry not: Blackbeard's is now a part of All Star Liveaboards, and we are delighted to have them back. Also, we welcome Ocean Divers and Emocean Sports, based in Florida as well.

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Attention buyers!

If you have purchased Scubapro black 7 mm Wet suit mens (size XL) and can present the receipt #75, you may qualify for an additional surprise prize!

Email swap@ouescuba.com

2016 Sponsors

Blackbeard's Cruises is now a part of All Star Liveaboards!

2016 Participants

  • OUC (Ontario Underwater Council)
  • DAN (Divers’ Alert Network)
  • GUE (Global Underwater Explorers)
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