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SCUBA Swap 2020 - April 25th, 2020!

Mark your calendars! SCUBA Swap 2020 is just around the corner.

Saturday April 25th at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

As always: meet your buddies new and old...

  ... and of course,

   lots of SCUBA gear at unbeatable prices!

SCUBA Swap 2019 - April 27th!

Spring has spring! Means one thing! This Year's SCUBA Swap is just around the corner.

Saturday April 27th at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

As always: meet your buddies new and old...

... great door prizes!

  ... and of course,

   lots of SCUBA gear at unbeatable prices!

At the wonderful Rameses Shriners Hall, 124 Queen's Plate Drive in Etobicoke, Highway 27 and Rexdale Blvd.

For those selling, gear registration is at the same location on

Friday April 26th at 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

2018 Swap is over...

... and we'll tell you more about it after we recover from all the work we put in it.

For now just big thanks to all the voulunteers, partners and visitors who made this event happen.

And speciall thanks to Alisha Perron, whose photo appeared on this year's flyer – visit her blog at www.divebuddies4life.com!

Fresh from the Niagara Divers Shipwrecks weekend. Another Ontario SCUBA tradition...

Just days from now the Ontario Underwater Explorers will be proudly presenting our 26th annual SCUBA Swap.

Gear registration and intake: Friday, April 27th6pm -9pm
The main event:Saturday, April 28th9am - 3pm

A spring tradition within the scuba diving community, Scuba swap is back to help you sell unused gear, and to find great deals on used and new gear!

Again we'll have lots of used gear - most that you'll ever see in one place, at one time, in Ontario. We aim to provide best experience for both the buyers and sellers; our friendly gear experts will be at hand to help make the gear competitively priced - best way to make sure it is sold; you can also take a peek at our buying tips. Dive stores will also bring more gear - check the list of participants, we'll keep it up to date.

The 26th Scuba Swap - April 28, 2018!

Is it the New Year already? Before we know it, it’s time to announce another Scuba Swap and Sale! So, mark the date: April 28, 2018. Preparations are well under way and, with some fresh talent joining our tried and tested team, it is shaping quite nicely.

Shriners Hall

We are working on the list of participants and presenters, so check back regularly for updates.

The last year’s Swap brought record sales – sellers went home with bigger cheques and less unsold gear. We will be building on those results while addressing some challenges—such as a somewhat disorganized layout and flow of traffic. The result, we’re confident, will be a better experience for everyone!

Same as last year, we'll be at Rameses Shriners Hall, 124 Queen's Plate Drive in Etobicoke, Highway 27 and Rexdale Blvd, right across from Woodbine Racetrack and kitty-corner from Woodbine Shopping Centre and Fantasy Fair.

Last year's Swap – 25th

When reminded last year's Scuba Swap was the 25th, Anthony - one of the two OUE members who volunteered at all of them - said: "It can't be, I don't feel that old!" We are grateful to have the volunteers like him, to have the sellers and visitors like you, to have the first class presenters, to have the stores and the organizations - together, we've made another yet another fun and valuable Swap!

All Star Liveaboards and Blackbeard's, the long-time sponsors of the Swap, have again donated a diving cruise in the Bahamas. Thank you!

The new venue, Rameses Shriners Hall, right by Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Shopping Centre proved very accommodating. With some lessons learned from this year's layout, we believe we can organize it even better in the future.

Apart from the fine line-up of diving stores and services regularly joining the Swap, we were delighted to see Fathom Five National Marine Park again - this was an early opportunity to get your Tobermory season diving tag. Centeen tokens were also available.

Presentations had a neat separate room isolated from the rumble of the main event; and for the first time, we managed to record the presentations - so that our volunteers, busy elsewhere at the event can see them too! The organizations, in the lobby, were also shielded from the noise.

For the sellers and the buyers of the private gear, this was definitely a good year: we had more items registered - and, more importantly, much more sold (over 60% more) as compared to the last year! The only numbers that went down were the prices - and that is what did the trick: buyers got more gear. And despite the lower prices, the sellers still went home with a bigger cheque and needed to return home almost 50% less gear, on average. Everybody won!

In the day and age of kijijis and eBays, we sometimes stop and wonder how much value we provide in our original purpose - swapping the gear. This year's results encourage us in thinking that there are still a lot of us who like to see a large selection of used gear live, in one place. Add to this the stores, the presentations, meeting old buddies and swapping the stories... what more can one want?

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2019 Participants

  • OUC (Ontario Underwater Council)
  • GUE (Global Underwater Explorers)
  • Fathom V (Parks Canada)
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