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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to questions about this year’s Scuba Swap which we have recieved so far — as well as some that we anticipated, so we answered them ahead of time for your convenience.

How do I get to the Scuba Swap venue?

Click on the Directions on the map below to get the Google map directions from your location.

Why are you charging registration fees?

When registering the items for sale, we are facing the same costs for the office material and the volunteer effort, regardless of the value of the item and whether it is sold or not; when there are many unsold items, or few sold items are of low total value — we are incurring a loss. Charging the upfront fee is aimed to encourage the sellers to avoid registering many items which are unlikely to be sold.

What methods of payment are available?

Debit, cash or credit accepted.

How do I enter the draw for the door prizes?

All paying visitors get a ballot that is submitted for the draw. You do not have to stick around to wait for the prizes to be drawn — if you are not there, we will contact you based on the contact info that you fill in, and you will be able claim your prize on Thursdays by the end of May.

Are the names of door-prize winners going to be published?

All winners were announced as they were drawn at the Scuba Swap. We will not be posting their names on our website, as it would be a violation of our privacy policy: those filling in a ballot did not grant us the permission to have their name published.

The winners who did not pick up their door prize at the event have been notified by e-mail or phone, and they can pick it up at the Etobicoke Olympium, from 9:30 to 10:30, on the pool deck at the deep end, Thursday evenings until the end of May.

What space is available for vendors?

Scuba Swap is the event dedicated to the diving community and all the vendors are directly involved in the Scuba industry. OUE generally notifies the stores which were present in previous Swaps. The space is alloted to the vendors who confirm their participation while the spots are available.

If you are a dive store or an organization directly related to diving, and you would like to learn more about future Swaps – feel free to contact us.

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